New Star’s Mission

Our mission is to inspire each member of our team to continually improve, embrace challenges with optimism and persistence, value integrity, and lead others to do the same.


In Reps’ Pockets due to increased quality

Saved by Customers

Record Breaking 2017 Accomplishments

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Why Sales?

Everything you do is a function of selling regardless of your profession. You will increase your personal value by applying the sales skills you learn at New Star.

Communication and Leadership Skills

Unlimited Growth Oppurtunities

Overcome New Challenges

Control Your Success


We don’t sell customers on the concept of paying for TV/Internet services; the majority of Americans already do. We lower customers’ bills while providing a superior product and service.


Direct TV is one of the most recognized brands in America

Help lower customer bills by an average of $50.00 a month

Constant variety

Why Work for New Star?


Top Rep Year Earned A $10k bonus
Top Rookie Earned A $5k bonus
We Offer Trip Incentives, Scholarship Incentives, Missionary Incentives.


New Star opens countless opportunities for employees to sharpen their skills,
push limits and uncover their potentials.

Kick Start Your Career

No matter the position, every New Star employee shares one mission:
To bring excellence and innovation to their teams.


Commissions paid upfront


Realistic Payout

SalesTotal Payout
150 $36,450
200 $48,600
250 $60,750
300 $72,900
400 $97,200
500 $121,500

Our Promise

Ultimately, your success is up to you. Not everyone will succeed, but anyone can. Our promise is to create an environment where difficult things become possible and things that seem only possible  become habit.

Your personal development is our number one focus. We will prepare you for immediate and lasting success through effective, consistent training and individual attention.

We promise to maintain the highest standards honesty and integrity. At New Star, you have the support necessary to consistently achieve your goals.

As you achieve your goals, you will develop a greater appreciation for persistence, dedication, and hard work. You will develop a habit of success and become the best version of yourself.

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